About Us

What do you do when you see a gap and know you have what it takes to fill it? Do you sit back and wait for others? Or, do you step in and create a solution to close that void?

We’ve decided to step in.

Global Life Coalition

The Global Life Coalition formed out of a passion to reach pregnant women in need through the front line workers of the pro-life movement, pregnancy help centers here in the U.S. and ministry partners around the world. They are our heroes. It’s through their tireless efforts that lives are saved and restored.

They serve because they have a heart for the unborn and the women who carry them. In many parts of the world, to do their noble work, it is at a cost. They put their lives on the line to reach pregnant women in need with help and hope.

We understand their struggle. Many of us have worked in pregnancy centers or other aspects of the pro-life movement. All of us have for decades. We’ve experienced the frustrations and know they are up against a mighty foe. Daily, the opposition taunts the centers and ministry partners with misinformation, law suits, harassments and threats. All while receiving massive federal funding. For the most part those advocating for life in many parts of the world, lack the technology, funds, or initiatives to beat that abortion industry in the race to reach her first.

The Global Life Coalition wants to collaborate and come alongside those life advocates, helping them to not only compete on a level playing field, but win.

Through the Global Life Coalition, we will help them build the best defense with a game-changing offense.

you can make a difference

of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
of women weren’t told of available resources.