Board of Directors

Nelly Roach, Chairman

With more than 20 years of business and marketing experience, Nelly has shaped the future for client after client and has a personal connection with this mission. As a scared eighteen-year-old determined to get an abortion, Nelly walked into a Planned Parenthood. She left still pregnant and eventually walked into a clinic and decided to keep her son, Rob Roach. Nelly is dedicated to helping pregnancy centers reach more women to help them save lives like that of her oldest son.

As one of the co-founders of Caledon Virtual, a full-service marketing agency, Nelly sets the course for the company. With many years of marketing success and experience to draw on, she positions clients for success and wins their lifetime loyalty.

Some clients who want a national presence now have an international presence because of the work Nelly performed. In Caledon Virtual’ s second year, she increased business 135% with no employees. The bottom line? When you need something done, you call Nelly.

Nelly has three wonderful children, and continues to grow a thriving business with her husband, Michael.

Deacon Samuel Lee

Samuel H. Lee, 62, of St. Louis, Missouri is founder and director of Campaign Life Missouri, a pro-life lobbying organization.  Sam has been active in the pro-life movement since 1978, when as a college student he became involved in, and helped lead, peaceful abortion clinic “sit-ins” in St. Louis.  From 1978 to 1986, he was arrested about 50 times, and spent 7½ months in jail in 1983-84 for his pro-life advocation.

Sam has now been a full-time pro-life lobbyist for 35 years in the Missouri General Assembly.  He has been involved in the passage of numerous pro-life laws over the years, including last year passing House Bill 126, which prohibits abortions soon after a heartbeat can be detected (eight weeks) and when the unborn child can experience pain.

In 2008, Sam was ordained a deacon for the Archdiocese of St. Louis by Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, and now serves at All Souls and St. Jude Catholic parishes in St. Louis County, Mo.  Sam has been married for 36 years to Gloria F. Lee, who was executive director for 13 years at Our Lady’s Inn, and is now their Chief Program Officer.  The Lee’s have four children and five grandchildren.  They are members of All Souls Catholic Church in Overland, Mo.

Debby Watson

Debby has spent her life committed to making the world a much better place. Over the years, she has served in a variety of ministries and charities, always volunteering her strength of leadership. She is quick to see the dignity of Christ in everyone she meets.

In her life-long commitment to the pro-life movement, Debby has supported many organizations including Vitae, the Gabriel Project and Kansans for Life. Her deep respect for human life is evident as she uses her talents to further the goal of changing hearts and minds, saving lives and supporting pregnant women in need. Debby has worked tirelessly to pass pro-life legislation, elect pro-life candidates and educate others.

She continues her pro-life work by serving and empowering the poor. Her charitable work includes Harvesters, Wayside Waifs, Catholic Charities and Habitat for Humanity.

Debby was graduated from Central Missouri State University with a B.S. in Business Management. She has spent the last 35 years working in the insurance industry. In addition, she is a member of Holy Cross Catholic Church in Overland Park, KS.

Cheryl Edington

For over 30 years, Cheryl has been a licensed CPA. Having worked as a public accountant since her graduation from Milligan College, Cheryl started her “career” in middle school doing the books for her parent’s small business. She always loved math, but it took a high school accounting class to get her hooked.

Cheryl now owns a CPA firm aptly titled, “Cheryl Edington CPA LLC,” in Columbia, MO. Through her CPA firm, clients navigate tax forms, file sales tax returns, and ultimately improve their bottom line. She dedicates herself to making sure her clients keep more of their hard-earned money. 

Currently, empty nesters Cheryl and her husband Greg love spending time with their two children and granddaughter. She enjoys bike riding, reading, exercise, and crafts with her granddaughter. Both she and her husband attend a nondenominational church, Forum Christian Church, in Columbia.

With her business consulting skills, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and IRS representation, Cheryl is a tremendous asset to the Global Life Coalition.


Anne Carmichael

Executive Director

Anne has been working to make abortion unthinkable for over 35 years. She joined the Choose Life Marketing team in 2019 as a development executive and through such helped to lead one of her first fundraising clients, KC Kansans for Life, through their most successful event which raised five times what it had in any of the past years. She was with Vitae Foundation for 14 years, 7 of which she served as a member of their executive committee. Working alongside then President Carl Landwehr during her first year with them (2006), she wrote the plan and helped lead its implementation which included raising the funds, for one of Vitae’s largest ($2 million) “attitude changing” campaigns.  Over her tenure with them, she raised $8 million for their life-saving mission.

She spent a lot of time at the state capitol as a lobbyist/grassroots organizer for the Missouri Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Catholic Church in Missouri. During her 13 years there, she played a lead role in the passage of the partial-birth abortion ban legislation including the successful override of the Governor’s veto—which was only the 7th in Missouri’s history. As the first Executive Director for Missouri Right to Life (the state’s largest and oldest pro-life organization), she grew their chapters by 30 percent, increased awareness of the issue through many press briefings and interviews with local and national media, as well as helped to lead strategy development and implementation for electing pro-life candidates.

Anne served as an advisory board member for Aid for Women, a Chicago network of pregnancy centers.  She also was a member of the National LIFE Runners Board.  She has finished six half’s and one full marathon using those races to raise over $6,000 for pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations.  She has a B.S. in Business Management from William Woods University (Summa Cum Laude) and is a life-long member of St. Peter Catholic Church, Jefferson City.  She’s been honored by several organizations including Zonta International; International Biographical Centre; Marquis Who’s Who; and Outstanding Young Women of America.


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