Our Mission

To bring life to the world and the world to life. 

A life-affirming world without abortion

Global Life Coalition, a 501 (C) (3), raises tax-exempt funds from individual donors who are passionate about making abortion unthinkable in this nation and around the world.  These funds will provide the resources needed for marketing grants, teaching tools, education, training, and software development for individual pregnancy centers, ministry partners and Gen Z influencers around the globe, further enabling them to reach women in a crisis pregnancy with life-affirming help and support.

Pregnancy centers and ministry partners have minimal dollars for marketing and other initiatives. To keep them competitive with the abortion industry, Global Life Coalition levels the playing field for them. Our goal is to fortify the current pro-life front-line defense, with the best state-of-the-art, over-the-top offense, pushing them past their financial, cultural and technical barriers and into a place where they not only compete but win! In addition, the coalition will give them the training they need to sustain their position and reach women first all while we grow our legion of Gen Z life-affirming influencers through the Zoe project.  

you can make a difference

of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
of women weren’t told of available resources.