The Case for Gen Z and Life

When you read about the youngest American generation, Gen Z, does the thought ever enter your mind that they come from a different planet? Sixty-seven million Americans born from 1997 onward make up the generation known as Gen Z. They have entered into a completely different world than the rest of us. One that we … Continued

Globally Reaching Her

For all of us here at Global Life Coalition, we have been engaged in outreach, education, and support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies across the United States for decades. It is a passion and a calling. We each bring our life experience to the GLC table. Knowing that there are between 40 to 56 million … Continued

Pregnancy Care Centers: The Legion of Life

Something that will go down in pro-life lore will be the silent but mighty life-saving legion of pregnancy resource centers. Here is a bit of interesting history. Dr. Marvin Olaskey, editor in chief of WORLD Magazine, dean of World Journalism Institute, university professor and provost, as well as author of more than 20 books, did … Continued

Big Tech’s Campaign to Silence The Pro-Life Movement

A letter to U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R – MO), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, in anticipation of the hearing on the “Big Tech” censorship. Global Life Coalition has documented over 30 separate cases of online censorship targeting pro-life organizations for the purposes of manipulating a narrative that supports the tech-giants’ own opposing view. … Continued