Globally Reaching Her

For all of us here at Global Life Coalition, we have been engaged in outreach, education, and support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies across the United States for decades. It is a passion and a calling. We each bring our life experience to the GLC table.

Knowing that there are between 40 to 56 million abortions worldwide every year, we had to do something about it. When you look at Kenya with over 450,000 annual abortions, and Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, each having around 300,000 abortions every year, developing and supporting country-specific efforts is essential.

Global Outreach

Global Life Coalition (GLC) collaborates with SOHL Global to deliver country-specific and country-focused ministries. We have developed one of the most sustainable life-affirming ministries possible. It provides the perfect opportunity for GLC to come alongside and help carry the burden and advance the sacredness of human life in individual countries around the world.

Piloting the Program

We are piloting the program in Africa and Asia. The initial launch will include Kenya and South Africa from Africa and Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam from Asia. We have recommendations for Japan and South Korea already, which may get included in the piloting program.

Life Hubs

As conversations have already begun, it is encouraging to witness the receptivity and excitement to the program. One of our selected ministry partners noted, “You have answered many of the challenges that often keep us from having life ministries.” He went on to add, “Kenya wants this and we want to help you take it across Africa.”

One of our South African ministry partners shared this, “This is an answer to our prayers. We were looking for a way to have a life saving voice in every community across South Africa – this is it.”

One of our Southeastern Asian contacts asked if we would be open to doing this ministry in Singapore? That discussion led to identifying Singapore as a life hub for introducing this ministry endeavor across Asia.

SOHL Care & SOHL Packs

SOHL Care and SOHL Packs are two different levels of life-affirming care and support. SOHL Care is the initial effort. We provide our ministry partners with an online voice for the cause of life. Each ministry partner will receive a website developed and hosted for their specific region, including translation into their local heart language.

The SOHL Care website will deliver life-affirming education and outreach while also giving each woman a place to turn to for support. Online chatting and free phone call options will provide her with a place to turn for care when she discovers she is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

SOHL Packs are the next level of care. These packs come complete with an electronic tablet that allows video and other visual life-affirming education to be shared with the woman in person. The visual instruction will cover topics like fetal development and abortion procedures.

These packs will include pregnancy tests, fetal models, and other collateral that help bring the miracle of life to reality. The SOHL Packs allow the SOHL Care program to move into a more personal in-person level of care.

Globally Saving Lives

Around the world, every year, 56 million abortions are occurring. You can team with us to help make a difference and save lives. If you know of a ministry leader or church in another country with a burden for life but doesn’t know what to do, you can connect them to us.  

You can come alongside us by sponsoring one of the SOHL Packs giving a local community way to serve women with unplanned pregnancies daily. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to know more about our international work.

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