To reach abortion-minded or abortion-determined women, Global Life Coalition has a three pronged approach that it achieves through our initiatives.

The first is to fortify pregnancy centers here in the U.S. and their counterparts around the world, (which we refer to as our ministry partners), with resources, training and technology, that not only levels the playing field, but enables them to breeze past the abortion industry and reach her first. To engage ministry partners abroad, GLC launched an International Outreach initiative. For centers within the US, the coalition plans to engage them directly.

The second is to provide the resources to develop state-of-the-art self-engineered tools that will drown out the anti-life noise and give women a clear path to life-affirming help and support. Ask Tru and the Virtual PRC app are the first that we plan to roll out.

The third is to grow a legion of Gen Z influencers through The Zoe Project, that will not only grow future pro-life leaders but will also impact their peers that currently are facing an unplanned pregnancy or at risk of such. Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) drives 50% of consumer decisions. Abortion is a consumer decision and her decision to carry to term or abort, is heavily impacted by a woman’s circle of influence.

Global Life Coalition has chosen our initiatives based on our key objective…To not only level the field but to give pregnancy centers, ministry partners and WOMM Zoe influencers around the world, the leading edge when it comes to saving lives and changing hearts and minds. It definitely won’t be “business as usual.”

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of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
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