Digital Marketing

Pregnancy centers serve thousands of women every year and exist on small budgets that don’t leave room for marketing. This is why most pregnant women are unaware pregnancy centers exist. With the advent and popularity of the abortion pill, it is so important for these centers to reach women early, on their phones through digital marketing. Global Life Coalition arms pregnancy centers with the ability to reach the abortion-minded woman through marketing grants. Our apps and other tools will allow them to virtually serve their clients when needed  – another tactic to aid in the effort to combat “Plan C” (ordering abortion pills online).

Marketing Grant Sponsorships

$10,000 – 5 months digital marketing that reaches 1 million women of childbearing age and saves 250 lives.        

$5,000 -5 months of paid search – 250 life-saving conversations between pregnancy center and pregnant moms resulting in 160 lives saved.

$2,800 – New website for a pregnancy center which more than doubles the number of women reached previously.

$1,000 – One month of paid search – 50 life-saving conversations between pregnancy center and pregnant moms.

$500.00 – One month of SEO – 3,000 pregnant mom’s in need find a pregnancy Center website.

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Be one of our GEM’s. (Giving Every Month)

$31 – Saves 1 mom and her baby.

$62 – Saves 2 moms and their babies.

$93 – Saves 3 moms and their babies.

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of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
of women weren’t told of available resources.