Virtual PRC App

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, transformed the way healthcare professionals and patients could interact with one another. The purpose is to protect a patient’s private medical information. Now that more and more conversations are being held online, either by phone or laptop, having a HIPPA-compliant app is essential for all healthcare providers.

The Global Life Coalition saw a need for pregnancy care centers to be able to stay in touch digitally with their clients. However, the data has to be completely secure. For any pregnancy care center to store and transfer medical data online, the app must comply with HIPAA requirements.

The possibilities

Technology is a necessary evil. It can either do incredible good or devastate one’s life with a simple click. The possibilities for pregnancy care centers using a HIPAA-compliant app are seemingly endless. Imagine if your local center had the opportunity to do any one of these:

  • Private message a woman searching the center’s website
  • Video chat with a young woman in her home or elsewhere
  • Send ultrasound scans to be kept on her phone
  • Set up appointments without a phone call
  • Use push notifications to provide education such as the development of the growing baby
  • Reminders for appointments, encouraging messages or links to local community services

The requirements

The regulations are stringent, primarily due to identity theft. The app must protect PHI (protected health information), which includes test results, scans, and treatment recommendations. In addition, a HIPAA-compliant app could also include CHI (consumer health information), which would track data similar to a fitness tracker.

No matter the app’s purpose, if it processes, stores, or transfers the above data, it has to be HIPPA compliant. As you can imagine, developing such an app is not an easy or inexpensive task. It requires software developers who understand not only the production, but also HIPAA requirements. Again, that’s where you come in. Your donations go toward making this a reality for pregnancy care centers nationwide. Women everywhere could download the app, receive a code for a specific center, and begin talking to someone immediately. It’s not a dream. With your help, it can be a reality.

you can make a difference

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