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To the world at large, cardiovascular disease and strokes are the number one cause of death globally, with the latest figures at 17.9 million. However, those who know the value of all human life know a more significant loss of life through abortion.

In 2017, 56 million lives were lost when all causes of death were combined, with the most prevalent being cardiovascular disease and strokes.

The World Health Organization reports that there are approximately 56 million abortions every year. This means that the losses from abortion are almost identical to all other losses of life combined.

Compare the two numbers, and you can immediately see why abortion is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Due to the great need and economic challenges, we will begin our initial focus in two critical regions, Africa and Asia. Whether women face unplanned pregnancies in a remote village of Nigeria or forced abortions in China, we will offer hope. Now is the time to mobilize an international effort to reach them with a life-affirming message of hope.

Think globally

Slowly, the pro-life movement in the United States is regaining ground lost. For a moment though, pause and think about the millions of women in other nations who have no access or understanding regarding sexual health, reproduction, and life value.

The International Outreach of Global Life Coalition is a global initiative dedicated to providing life-affirming information, resources, and support to women worldwide. Our mission’s heart is to equip people everywhere with the technology and training they need to save more lives. We will provide life-affirming education and one-to-one aid for women and families facing an unplanned pregnancy. To accomplish all of this, Global Life Coalition (GLC) collaborates with SOHL Global to deliver country-specific and country-focused ministries. They have developed one of the most sustainable life-affirming ministries possible. It provides the perfect opportunity for GLC to come alongside and help carry the burden and advance the sacredness of human life in individual countries around the world.

As conversations have already begun, it is encouraging to witness the receptivity and excitement to the program.

“You have answered many of the challenges that often keep us from having life ministries.” He went on to add, “Kenya wants this and we want to help you take it across Africa.”

~Ministry Partner from Kenya

Our Life Hub Initiative

We have created a three-phase initiative for churches and community leaders (ministry partners) around the globe. Each phase is designed to bring a life-affirming message directly to her. To be truly effective, we will craft our outreach and educational efforts to be culturally relevant and driven by each nation’s people.

Phase 1

Each ministry partner will receive a website developed and hosted for their specific region, including translation into their local heart language. The SOHL Care website will deliver life-affirming education and outreach while also giving each woman a place to turn to for support. Online chatting and free phone call options will provide her with a place to turn for care when she discovers she is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Phase 2

Train and equip volunteers to leverage the online Life Hub to provide intervention and care to each woman in need through online live chats or over the phone with personal communication.

Phase 3

Train and provide resources that help a Life Hub transition from online only into direct personal contact. Whether through a pregnancy center, a collaborative ministry, a non-governmental organization, the church, or remotely at a coffee shop, women and families can be personally impacted.

SOHL Packs

For those journeying into remote areas to meet face to face with the pregnant women, we provide them with SOHL Packs. These packs come complete with an electronic tablet that allows video and other visual life-affirming education to be shared with the woman in person. The visual instruction will cover topics like fetal development and abortion procedures. They also include pregnancy tests, fetal models, and other collateral that help bring the miracle of life to reality. The SOHL Packs allow the SOHL Care program to move into a more personal in-person level of care.

The time is now

Imagine the names of so many little ones written in the book of life. For 56 million babies, there is nothing written after their name. It’s empty. None of them “came to be.” We can change the course of nations, of the world, with our International Ministry efforts.

Although there are 2 billion websites around the world, only 20% are accessible. Through the Life Hub initiative, the Global Life Coalition seeks to make at least one Life Hub available to each local region. By providing online education, care, and support to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, we offer them the chance to Choose Life.

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of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
of women weren’t told of available resources.