International Outreach Sponsorships

SOHL Website and Training

The SOHL Care website will deliver life-affirming education and outreach while also giving each woman a place to turn to for support. Online chatting and free phone call options will provide her with a place to turn for care when she discovers she is facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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Each SOHL Pack includes, Electronic tablet, pregnancy tests, fetal models, and other collateral that help bring the miracle of life to reality. The SOHL Packs allow the SOHL Care program to move into a more personal in-person level of care.

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A SOHL Pack needs on going supplies that serve as client education and giveaways to encourage life choices.  Ongoing supplies include pregnancy tests, fetal models, and print collateral.

  • 3 Months (serves 120 women) $134
  • 6 Months (serves 240 women) $268
  • 9 Months (serves 360 women)  $402
  • 12 Months (serves 480 women) $536
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Monthly Support 

Monthly support is used for ongoing work of the SOHL Care and SOHL Packs programs.  These are two of the most cost-effective ways to reach and serve women and families in countries around the world.

  • $28 a month serves around 40 women, saving 10 babies each month
  • $30 a month delivers a new SOHL Care site in a country saving about 700 babies each year.
  • $55 a month serves 80 women each month, saving 20 babies each month
  • $82 a month serves 120 women, saving 30 babies each month.
  • $110 a month serves 160 women, saving 40 babies each month
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of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
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