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In January 2019, Planned Parenthood invested in a chatbot that would conveniently answer a teen’s questions about anything related to sex. “Ask Roo” was created to have anonymous conversations about the most intimate subjects. Ambreen Molitor, senior director of Planned Parenthood’s digital product lab, stated, “Less than half a year in, Roo has answered close to 800,000 questions. Teens comprise 81% of its traffic, and 60% of Roo’s users are people of color. Over 1,000 Planned Parenthood appointments have been booked, thanks to Roo as a mediating interface.” Doesn’t it make sense that America’s digital natives would rather talk with a robot through texting rather than speaking with a human?

Global Life Coalition believes in fighting fire with fire. It’s a phenomenal way to reach young teens, however the answers to their questions leave little to no room for a pro-life message. What if there were a life-encouraging look alike that was just as effective for pregnancy care centers? Enter “Ask Tru.”

Ask Tru

Question: “I just found out I’m pregnant! What should I do?”

Ask Tru: “Make an appointment here to confirm it with a free pregnancy test!”

After all these years, the modern 21st century parent still struggles with having “the talk.” Most parents assume sexual education is handled at school so there’s no need to discuss it with their children. Indeed, some schools do teach sex ed. However, how and what is taught varies greatly. Some school districts handle it as strictly biological, while others encourage confusion about gender identity or same-sex attraction. Teens are bombarded with sexual images and messages. They are hungry to know the truth, and when Planned Parenthood is the only one providing it, our nation suffers.

Imagine starting a conversation with a young teen that begins with life-affirming choices. “Ask Tru” would offer a solid sex ed platform, but focus on abstinence, self worth and true identity. Teens are hungry for information on sexual feelings, puberty, having sex, pregnancy, and contraception. Tru would encourage them to ask anything, even the most embarrassing questions, and every answer would be truthful and life-giving.

It’s another opportunity for you to impact our nation. With your support, “Ask Tru” becomes a reality. Conversations are had, appointments made, and lives saved.

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