Our Focus

Global Life Coalition will focus our efforts on pro-life organizations, specifically, pregnancy help centers. After all, they are our front-line defense in the committed effort to save lives.

A Bit Of History

Sadly, abortion has been a part of our culture in some form or another, for centuries. In late 19th century America, abortion was estimated to be just as prevalent per capita as today. What brought those numbers down to an all-time low in 1910, was the help and support of the women’s movement and religious organizations.

The number of abortions remained low until the 1960’s, with the sexual revolution opening the floodgates. With the passage of Roe v Wade in 1973, the number of abortions skyrocketed. Hawaii became the first state to allow abortion at the request of a woman up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. To counter that ruling, the very first pregnancy help center opened. Since then, there are now roughly 2,750 pregnancy help centers through out the U.S., outnumbering abortion clinics 4 to 1.

The Gap

Despite the difference in the number of locations, Planned Parenthood’s marketing efforts have a tremendous reach with the support and funding coming from individual donations, federal funding, fees from abortions and ultrasounds, and, as recently reported, the sale of fetal body parts. In contrast, a pregnancy help center relies on the generous donations of individuals and churches and strives to provide every service at no cost. Heree in the U.S. the average hourly rate for a Planned Parenthood employee is over $19 an hour with a Physicians Assistant earning as much as $51 an hour. Salaries at pregnancy centers here average about $14 an hour with the center’s director making $20, if possible.  As you can see, the gap in available resources between abortion providers and pregnancy centers is wide. Through the work of Global Life Coalition, that gap will be narrowed and eventually closed with the help of strategic marketing plans and initiatives to keep pregnancy resource centers competitive.

We want to make abortion unthinkable.

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of women reported feeling pressured to abort.
of women weren’t told of available resources.